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INSEAD Alumni Association XR Event at Strategy Forum

About our customer

The INSEAD Alumni Association is a vibrant community that fosters connections among INSEAD graduate business school alumni and promotes lifelong learning opportunities for its members. Comprising accomplished professionals from diverse backgrounds, the association strives to facilitate personal and professional growth.

About the event

The INSEAD Alumni Association organized a Strategy Forum with the theme “Is it really all Doom and Gloom? Navigating uncertainty towards a new society.” The forum featured a masterclass conducted by INSEAD Professor Nathan Furr and entrepreneur Susannah Furr. Important part of the masterclass was a virtual reality (VR) experience at Blue Hill Farms in the US. This immersive journey explored how innovation can drive sustainable futures for organizations.


Given the significance of the event and the desire to create an engaging and transformative experience for participants, the question arose of how to seamlessly integrate the VR technology and ensure a smooth and impactful session.


To address this challenge, VR Expert collaborated with the INSEAD Alumni Association to provide 220 Pico G2 4K headsets. The choice of Pico G2 4K headsets was strategic, as they offer a user-friendly kiosk mode and high-quality VR experience. In addition to the headsets, VR Expert assigned a dedicated team of five event supporters. These professionals efficiently organized the headsets and headphones into sets and distributed them to participants, ensuring easy access and engagement. The event supporters also provided on-site assistance and technical support, guaranteeing a seamless experience throughout the session. After the event, the VR Expert team efficiently packed and managed the hardware for safe transport and storage.


The implementation of this comprehensive solution surpassed expectations during the Strategy Forum organized by the INSEAD Alumni Association the Netherlands. Participants were immersed in a transformative VR experience at Blue Hill Farms, gaining insights into innovation and navigating uncertainty. The event supporters from VR Expert ensured a seamless experience by organizing and distributing the headsets and providing on-site assistance. Their expertise and technical support enabled uninterrupted engagement and addressed any questions or concerns from participants. The combination of the Pico G2 4K headsets, meticulous organization, and attentive event support delivered a flawless and impactful VR experience. The INSEAD Alumni Association successfully created an immersive and memorable event, solidifying their commitment to lifelong learning and fostering a dynamic community of alumni.

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